Excerpt from Doukas (Greek Crime Lords, Book 1)

It’s difficult to say how long I stay here. I could watch the rhythmic rise and fall of his naked chest forever.

“If I open my eyes, will I find your luminous gaze on me?”

I smile and burrow further into his arms. “I’m fairly certain you will.”

He chuckles and opens his sleepy ones. “Then, for once, the reality is better. How are you feeling, baby?”

“I’m very well. Waking up with you definitely has its advantages.”

His hand traces my side and finds its way to my tingling clit. His expert fingers soon have me wet and aching. Doukas grins as he pries my legs open. From one moment to the next, he’s fully sheathed inside me, and I scream at the sudden invasion.

“I love it when you scream for me, Ria,” he says as he pounds into me over and over again.

I meet his thrusts, trying to keep him close to me.

“Doukas?” I plead, waiting for him to give me what I need, and thankfully, he does.

When I fall, he’s right here with me, making love to me and cradling me in his arms. Nothing ever seems fair or right until I’m with him. I reach out and put my hands on his damp back, but his pounding doesn’t waver, and I feel the familiar sensation building once again.

“Cum with me, baby,” he whispers, and I clench around him, pulling a groan from deep within his chest.

His cock twitches inside me as he comes, it’s my undoing, and I follow his lead, bringing my mouth to his and letting everything go.

Once again, we kiss until breathing becomes a challenge, but then we keep our bodies joined, reluctant to let go.

We settle again, and my eyes are getting heavy as I surrender to a peaceful slumber with thoughts of Doukas swirling in my mind. I don’t feel coherent enough to draw any conclusions, but I do know one thing.

That man’s got numerous tricks in his arsenal and uses every single one to capture my mind and heart.

Excerpt from Nothing More to Take (Give & Take Duet #1)

This woman has the uncanny ability to stonewall all my best-laid plans. I woke up this morning intending to pursue her. Everything was ready; she wouldn’t even realize what had hit her. But she left the hotel before I had the chance to meet with her. My people kept a close eye on her and, when they reported she was on her way back from the café along with the idiot from last night, I saw red. This has come to be my color where she’s concerned.

I left my office and raced to the street just to see him manhandling her once again. I couldn’t help rejoicing at the scene in front of me because I’d teach him a long-overdue lesson. I’m the only one who gets to hurt her.

And when I’m about to set him straight, what does she do? She steps in front of him and defends him. If it weren’t for her little friend defusing the scene, I don’t know where I’d be by now. I was certainly ready to throw her over my shoulder and take her somewhere to fuck her so thoroughly she would forget her own name.

It doesn’t matter now, though. I’m about to fuck the only woman that has occupied my thoughts for so long. I can’t stop kissing her. She tastes of coffee and smells of strawberries and chrysanthemums. I thought I had imagined the whole thing, but she’s here, all mine.

I lay her down on the mattress carefully, afraid she might change her mind again. I can’t stop touching her, but I want more. I need to have her naked. The white thing she wears is very frustrating—I can’t take it off. Fuck it, I’ll buy her more. I tear the fabric and come face to face with her ample breasts. I bend down and start licking and pulling her nipples. Her soft sighs are music to my ears. My cock is rock hard, and I know he will soon be rooted deep inside her. But not before I’ve had a taste of her.

My hands continue their tearing progress until they find her panty-clad heaven. She moans loudly, calling my name. She’s already wet, and after a few pets on her clit, I push a finger inside. She has the tightest pussy I’ve ever touched—my middle finger barely goes knuckle-deep. I groan around her nipple, thinking that by the time I’ve fucked her, she won’t be the same.

“Please, Zac, please,” she begs in a moan, and my cock twitches in my pants.

“Please what?” I tease her, biting her breast hard.

She’s a writhing mess. I rise from the bed, deciding to take pity on her. I remove my jacket and tie and unbutton my shirt. I don’t have the patience to undress completely, so I undo my belt and unzip the fly. Her eyes are heavy with lust as she takes in my naked torso. Just wait, little Diane. The surprises aren’t over yet.

I’m about to lower my pants when a loud pounding comes from the door.

Excerpt from All the More to Give (Give & Take Duet #2)

The minutes tick away, and I’m getting restless again. Diane is up and about but nowhere near ready to forgive me. We have barely exchanged a few words, and I noted that she didn’t touch her breakfast. She’s in the bedroom doing God knows what, driving me out of my mind. I get out of the house and sit on the porch staring blankly at the sea in the distance. Angry waves are rising up with each passing moment, matching with my mood perfectly.

How can she think I am staying with her out of guilt? Granted, I haven’t been forthcoming where she’s concerned, but even I can observe the transformation in me. From the very beginning, I have been caught fast. I might have been too stupid to realize it at first, but I am not afraid to admit it now. This woman is my life.

“Zac,” her soft voice comes from behind me and, but I don’t turn around. “I want to leave.”

I spin around so fast that I take her by surprise. I advance to her, and she’s too shocked to react properly. I grab both of her arms gently and bring her to me.

“Please, don’t leave me. Be angry with me, yell and scream, but do it here,” I implore.

“Zac… are you…?”

“No, it’s allergies,” I lie.

“What are you allergic to?” she asks, and I hold my breath. In those few words, I detect hints of my little minx.

“Being away from you.”

The seconds tick away as I wait for her reaction.

“Imagine that,” she slays me with her beautiful eyes, feigning annoyance. “We seem to share the same allergies.”

It takes me a moment to realize what I’ve just heard. God help me, but if she’s messing with me, I’ll lose my mind. I stare at her long and hard and see that she’s serious.

We share the same allergies.

I’m grinning so wide my mouth aches. I don’t give her time to think it over. Grabbing her by the waist, I lift her against my body as my mouth attacks her. She has trouble following my rhythm but no complaints here. I lead her to the wall and back her there to support her weight while I am quenching my thirst from her lips.

Diane’s hands find my shirt and clutch it as she moans around my mouth, breaking the kiss. I pepper her jaw and throat with light kisses while both of my hands cup her delectable ass. I can’t fucking breathe. I move to the swing, taking her with me. I am not about to release her anytime soon.

“I meant every word, baby. Losing you will be the final stroke, and I refuse to let that happen. I love you,” I whisper huskily into her ear. When she blesses me with her grey eyes, I know I have her full attention.

“You have to tell me things, Zac. I hate being kept in the dark,” she declares, and I believe her. She wasn’t the one doing two-faced shit after all. This time it is her who initiates the kiss, and I hold her tightly into my arms.