Demetra Georgiou

They say that crime knows no bounds. Or does it?

Doukas Tremes and his brothers, the Lords, are among the most influential and dangerous crime families in Greece. In their world, everything revolves around crime, and they stop at nothing.

Having inherited a failing business, Ria Vamou tries to make ends meet. On top of everything else, a gang is pressuring her to pay them protection for her taverna.

Love is nowhere near her plans. All it takes is one night, one photograph, one kiss, and everything changes. Forever!

Nothing will stop Doukas from making Ria his because he finally found a woman worth starting a war over.

Nothing more to take

Can love survive amidst lies, schemes and subterfuge?
Zac is a man accustomed to getting what he wants and decides to seek retribution on behalf of the only father figure he’s known.
“I still can’t believe how an ethereal being like Diane can be a plotting bitch. Why the old man held her in such high regard is beyond me. She is ungrateful, and someone needs to teach her a thing or two. And I have the only right to do so.”
Evidence and reports condemn the woman he purposefully set to destroy, but the truth has a way of creeping out of the most unlikely corners.
One mistake after another and one fight too many bring them closer to the end.
All it takes is three little words to take down his whole house of cards.
Now Zac has to trust the only woman who had the tenacity to see beyond his scowls and cold behavior and not because she was innocent all along.

“Her name is Diane. The woman who’s made my heart beating.”

All the more to give

Zac was too proud to realize that he lost a piece of himself when he walked out of Diane. But now he’s back and wants nothing more than to hold her in his arms again.
Revenge plots be damned.
Diane has to protect her heart, but she can’t walk away from Zac. That is, until she discovers just how deep his betrayal goes.
Can they overcome the overwhelming obstacles that Zac set, or some people are better off to be apart?
Only time will tell.
Time that was borrowed, to begin with.